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GeoCricket Systems – The technical stuff

The Geo System’s non turf cricket pitch is a combination of aggregate courses, woven Geo textile, Drainage Geo Composite, recycled under pad and either a Wilton Woven or Needle punch playing surface.

Some information on each element can be found below:

A professional standard, high quality woven cricket wicket with cross linked backing to provide extra strength and reduce damage caused by general wear and tear during play.

Recycled Geolayer Under Pad 6mm

Impact absorbing cricket underlay constructed from bre bonded needle punch and is made from 100% mixed blend polyester waste.

Performance Aggregate Geolayer 50mm

6mm to dust granite shavings.

Re-enforcing Woven Geo
Textile Geolayer 2mm
Geofabrics reinforcing woven geo textile provides reinforcement to the sub-grade to prevent excessive deformation of the surface with overlying load.

Base Aggregate Geolayer 50mm

10mm Angular granite or carboniferous limestone.

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